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The latest blog from the Beauty Demands Network focuses on the #physical and #emotional #scars of those with #congenital #heart disease. #BornThisWay

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I am privileged to be part of the Beauty Demands Network based at the University of Birmingham, UK. The Beauty Demands Project began with the funding of two key research initiatives. First, a Leverhulme Major Research [...]

Can we make fashion greener?

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The damage done to the environment as a result of the fashion industry is astounding. Often the 'blame' is put on consumers who buy 'fast fashion' (cheap, replications of designer items which are worn once [...]

Fashion and Psychoanalysis Conference

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This weekend, 14th and 15th October 2017, sees the first Fashion and Psychoanalysis Conference to be held at London College of Fashion. This conference brings together psychoanalytic thinkers and fashion experts to offer fresh perspectives [...]

Do you know what your bag says about you?

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When I was called by Amaia Leon for the Spanish weekly, ¬°Hola! this week, we discussed how we wear our bags and what this says about us. The bag, like shoes, is an accessory that [...]