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The Art of Embracing Ugly #Shoes

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Call them ugly or call them different, this season’s upturned toes, pink foam platforms, and thick orthopedic soles confirm a fundamental truth of fashion: #Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. Read about the ugly [...]

RISK, PERSONALITY & CREATIVITY Invitation to participate in research

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"Creativity in the #workplace is important for more than making aesthetically pleasing documents and images. In today's uncertain and complex world, the ability to identify and recruit #creative thinkers and creative #problem solvers is critical [...]

Using #psychology to understand why searching for something to wear can make us happier than owning and wearing it.

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Social media, particularly #Instagram, provides great opportunities for all of us to become #fashion #influencers. Interestingly it seems that we are looking more to Instagrammers for fashion ideas than we are to print fashion magazines [...]

Opportunity or Threat?

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My morning read often includes posts from the Business of Fashion @BoF. Today I was fascinated and saddened to read their latest piece the Dawn of Designer Botox, which discusses the normalisation of #injectables (#Botox and [...]