Find out about Fashion Consumer Psychology: how and why we buy fashion

Find out about Fashion Consumer Psychology: how and why we buy fashion

Fashion Consumer Psychology: how and why we buy fashion

#Consumerpsychology is a well established subdiscipline of Psychology. It is defined as “a branch of social psychology concerned with the market behaviour of consumers. Consumer psychologists examine the preferences, customs and habits of various consumer groups; their research on consumer attitudes is often used to help design advertising campaigns and to formulate new products.” ( The  American Psychological Association’s definition states that “consumer psychology seeks to explain behaviour, in two basic ways: what the consumer wants and what the consumer needs.”

Fashion is one of the world’s largest economies generating trillions of dollars and employing millions worldwide, yet it is often considered frivolous and superficial. Technological advances are changing the way retail operates and as a result, changing the face of the high street. Fashion brands which rely on their heritage alone are finding themselves in a precarious situation. Many long-established retailers are being forced into liquidation, while others are downsizing. Young companies are overtaking established brands by being innovative, agile and responsive. 

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What drives consumers to invest in fashion? Why are some people more concerned with wearing the latest trends than others? How can retailers stay ahead when there is so  much competition? How do successful brands project build customer loyalty? How has technology impacted fashion consumer behaviour and how will it continue to do so in future? How can fashion consumers get the best service and the best deal? What do consumers demand  in the 21st century and how is this changing with technological advances? How can retailers exceed these demands?

These questions can be addressed from many perspectives including economics, marketing and business, but if we want to understand, predict and ultimately change behaviour, we need to turn to the scientific study of human behaviour: Psychology.

In addition to being one of the world’s most important industries economically, fashion is also one the world’s worst polluters, yet until recently, psychologists have neglected fashion as an area of research interest. Since establishing the world’s first Masters programmes to investigate the psychological issues inherent across the fashion industries, I have witnessed a growing interest in the application of Psychology to understand behaviour in this particular industry.

So if this is of interest to you, join me on 3rd November in central London for a one-day course exploring fashion consumer psychology. You’ll discover how and why we are motivated to buy fashion, what challenges face fashion retailers and how they can overcome them, and understand how tools can help deliver the right products to the right customers so they keep coming back for more. No prior knowledge of fashion or psychology is required.

Find out more and book via here or via Eventbrite here. Delegates receive an electronic copy of the slides, a certificate of attendance, and first-time delegates will also receive a free signed copy of my latest book, The Psychology of Fashion.

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