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What is the #psychology that underlies our #fashion #consumer behaviour?

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This feature in the Spanish magazine,  Revista ¡#HOLA!, @HOLA, was published last month. It's concerned with fashion consumer behaviour and how we can break potentially harmful fashion habits. The article is available here for my Spanish speaking [...]

More than frills: my interview in the March issue of The Psychologist @psychmag

By | February 16th, 2018|Categories: blog, press, psychology, psychology.fashion|Tags: , , , |

I was delighted when I was asked to be interviewed by @pscyhmag about my soon-to-be released book 'The Psychology of Fashion' (Routledge). I was asked whether I thought fashion had had the attention it deserves from [...]

Woken Up on the Wrong Side of Bed? You Should Wear This Colour

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Happy #Valentine's Day! How does the colour of what we wear affect our mood? Much of my work as a #psychologist working with the #fashion industry is concerned with dealing with the industry's problems so [...]