The importance of rigour #Psychology for #Fashion

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Until I began developing the world’s first and still only Masters degrees in #Psychology for #Fashion in 2012 @LCFLondon, one of the world’s leading Fashion Colleges and part of @UAL, few psychologists had considered fashion [...]

Why Are We So Focused On #Anti-Ageing?

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What a great pleasure to introduce the first guest blog on #Psychology for #Fashion from Jacynth Bassett, Founder of the-Bias-Cut.com.  Jacynth and I share a passion for understanding fashion and using it as a vehicle for positive [...]

Understanding behaviour in the context of fashion

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Why? Are you interested in understanding more about #humanbehaviour in the context of fashion? Are you intrigued by our fascination with fashion and clothing and how we use what we wear to express who we [...]