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The Psychology of Fashion

The Psychology of Everything Series, Routledge UK

“Fashion is about something that comes from within you”


The Psychology of Fashion

This new book offers an insightful introduction to the exciting and dynamic world of fashion in relation to human behaviour, from how clothing can affect our cognitive processes to the way retail environments manipulate consumer behaviour. The book explores many issues within the fashion industries including how fashion design can impact healthy body image, how psychology can inform a more sustainable perspective on the production and disposal of clothing, and why we develop certain shopping behaviours.

The Psychology of Fashion is available for pre-order now on Amazon.     See the Psychology of Everything press release here.


The why and how of psychology of fashion

Find out why psychology matters in fashion and how psychologists derive and use evidence to understand and predict human behaviour.

Wellbeing in Fashion

Mental health of designers and models

Clothing serves many purposes and can influence our mental health and psychological wellbeing. Read about the mental health of designers and models.

Body image and 'beauty'

Why we struggle with how we look

Find out how increased exposure to fashion imagery and social media can lead to appearance concerns, risky behaviours and eating disorders.

Fashion, self and identity

Fashion let's us be who we (think we) want to be

We cannot separate clothing from the self and identity because what we wear is an outward display of our self and our identity. As our second skin, fashion is psychology.

Fashion consumption

Buying, wearing and disposing of fashion

Understand the psychology behind buying, using and disposing of fashion and why wanting what we have is preferable to having what we want. Can the fashion industry become more sustainable?

Fashion and behaviour

Why we wear what we wear

We are motivated to belong to social groups and use clothing as social identification. We can also use our clothing to empower us and even to enhance our thinking.


Bringing it all together

The psychology of fashion aims to understand human behaviour across the fashion industries, and make a positive difference to its workers, consumers and the environment.

The story

The beginning

Becoming Professor of Psychology for Fashion brought my experience, skills and passions together. It allowed me to pioneer a new discipline and establish the world’s first Masters programmes to apply the scientific study of human behaviour within the context of fashion. This book, The Psychology of Fashion, has been a labour of love. Enjoy!

The purpose

The Psychology of Fashion and bring to the fore matters that exist within the fashion industry that are psychological in nature. Both aim to empower consumers while supporting the industry. Psychologists take an evidence based approach to understanding human behaviour. They are able to design interventions to change behaviour and analyse, interpret and evaluate outcomes reliably and validly.

What’s next?

The industry faces many challenges that impact individuals, communities and societies across the globe. Awareness raising alone has served its purpose. It’s time to act. There has never been a more important time to apply psychology within the fashion industry.

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