The Emergence of Fashion Psychology

According to Careers in, Fashion Psychology is the integration and utilization of the science of psychology and the industry of fashion to create manageable therapeutic tools that ultimately assist in the development of desired results in both clients’ perceptions of self, their behaviors, and moods as well as targeted objectives within the business model. Careers in state that it is important to distinguish the difference between Marketing Psychology and Fashion Psychology. They argue that “Although both seek to influence behavior and often overlap; in the former, psychological principles are used by marketing strategists to predict, determine and influence consumer groups; in the latter, fashion abstractions are integrated and used by psychologists to solve problems and effectuate the desired growth and development of a specified client or business.

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  1. Alex 21 April, 2017 at 1:03 am - Reply

    There’s definitely overlap. I used to have a sales and marketing business and would track everything in excruciating detail, and found that what you were wearing influenced everything from how/if people spoke or responded to you, down to how well a particular face to face sales campaign would do.

    Here’s an interesting blog post that delves into that a little bit more:

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