Back in 2016 I was interviewed by one of the world’s top #fashion models @alexachung for @britishvogue for their Future of Fashion series at London College of Fashion, @UAL. Alexa wanted to know my thoughts on how the fashion industry affects our #bodyimage and how the application of #Psychology within fashion could drive positive change.

In the years since the interview, we are beginning to see the seeds of positive change in some areas, but much more needs to be done. However, this is not an easy time for the fashion industry. Currently, it is being influenced by a turbulent global economy, unprecedented consumer shifts, and changes in the fashion system itself. Guessing how the future of fashion will change is no longer an option. Psychologists are trained to understand human behaviour and how to predict it.

If you’re interested in understanding more about how psychology can help you, your fashion brand or business, please get in touch.