Can Wearing a ‘Work #Uniform’ Help You Get Ahead?

Can Wearing a ‘Work #Uniform’ Help You Get Ahead?

If you feel great in it, the answer’s yes.

We know that a great outfit really can boost your mood, self-confidence, and productivity, but as any #psychologist will tell you, it’s more complex than that. The outfit only counts as “great” if you think it looks great and you feel great in it. In order words, the power of what we wear is ion our control. I spoke to NBC News about this they came up with 9 ways to construct a winning work wardrobe:

1   Check in with yourself every morning

2   Get comfortable

3   Wear clothes that fit

4   Stand out in a good way

5   Don’t be afraid to change your style

6   Dress for the occasion

7   Don’t dress your age

8   Find clothes that work for you

9   Try a work uniform

Try these for yourself and share your thoughts with others on this blog.

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