Today’s blog from was published earlier on @BeautyDemands by #JessicaFardouly It has important implications for #psychology and #fashion.

The psychological concepts of #body image and body satisfaction are inextricably linked with #fashion. Exposure to fashion imagery can influence how we feel about our bodies and ultimately, can lead to unhealthy eating behaviours and exercise regimes. The tendency of women to criticise their appearance and take part in #fattalk is increasingly common as we become aware of our failure to match up to the ‘ideal’ portrayed in fashion imagery. Although we are beginning to see greater diversity in fashion imageery, there is a long way to go.

The blog illustrates how mothers’ negative #bodytalk can have an immediate influence on their daughters’ #bodyimage. Read the blog: Does my bum look big in this? How mothers’ negative body talk can influence their daughters’ body image on @BeautyDemands here.

Find the full paper, Handford, C. M., Rapee, R. M., & Fardouly, J. (2018). The influence of maternal modeling on body image concerns and eating disturbances in preadolescent girls. Behaviour research and therapy100, 17-23.