Fashion and beauty are inter-related. Given its emphasis on appearance, fashion dictates what is considered beautiful extending from the body to the face. The beauty industry is an important economy worth  £17bn per year. The

Categories covered within the beauty industries include: personal care, colour cosmetics, fragrances, facial skincare, body care and hair treatments and colourants. Mintel’s predictions for 2025 describe the increased blurred lines between human and technological device with smart technology enabling users to ‘control their individual health and beauty needs’. Mintel also claims that consumer awareness of water as a precious commodity will result in changes in the manufacture of beauty brands to meet consumer demands. In addition, the report suggests that beauty products will ‘put energy claims at the forefront of their message’. Interestingly, the report does not say whether any attempts will be made to substantiate these claims. It goes on to suggest that consumers; increased interest in natural ingredients will lead the beauty industry to presenting ingredients for cosmetics that can be assembled at home.