Is social media commodifying our happiness?

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Instagram can be wonderful when we're searching for fashion inspiration. Social influencers are big business for fashion. We can feel happier when we see images of people whose lifestyle inspires us to see ourselves [...]

Today being busy symbolises economic and social success, but at what cost?

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In advance of my keynote at Voices of Fashion on Mental Health on 6th December, I have pleasure in sharing the blog post I wrote for @ICAAD which focuses on the outcome of increasing demands [...]

How #fashion shopping affects our brains and wallets

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Catch up with my latest interview with #AnnieTomlin at Well+Good on why the excitement of #fashion shopping can make us feel great, and how this can change once we have made the purchase. #psychology #psychologyforfashion #mondaymotivation [...]

How a #breastcancer diagnosis can affect #self-identity

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Watch Georgie and Louise, models at Breast Cancer Care's London Show, chat to psychologist Carolyn Mair about losing their identity and struggling with their body image after treatment. I lost my identity after breast cancer [...]

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