Fashion Consumer Behaviour 1-day course, 26th January 2019, London

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How our minds influence our #fashion shopping #behaviour #Consumerpsychology is a well established subdiscipline of Psychology. It is defined as "a branch of social psychology concerned with the market behaviour of consumers. Consumer psychologists examine the [...]

How life’s events can change our style

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Self-identity is the perception we have of our self including our personality, skills and abilities, occupation and lifestyle. Our appearance is an outward expression of our self-identity, so when we experience an important event in our [...]

Changing relationships with fashion after a breast cancer diagnosis

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Georgie and Louise discuss #fashion and #identity for #BreastCancer Care @BCCare in association with @DorothyPerkins @BCCare invited me to interview Georgie and Louise about their relationship with #fashion since their breast cancer diagnosis. Watch video [...]

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