“Is #fitspiration more harmful than helpful?” @DrBethBell comments via @BeautyDemands

“Is #fitspiration more harmful than helpful?” @DrBethBell comments via @BeautyDemands

What are your thoughts on the fitspiration trend? The latest Beauty Demands blog posted by Dr Beth Bell asks whether it is more harmful than helpful.

A new health and fitness trend has recently swept social media. Images, text and videos labelled #Fitspiration – a literal amalgamation of the words fitness and inspiration – are ostensibly designed to inspire fitness among those who create, share and view them. As of 9th October 2017, over 13 million images labelled as #fitspiration had been posted to popular image-focused social media site Instagram. This figure has risen dramatically from the 1.8 million images that had been posted in January 2014, when my colleague Nova Deighton-Smith and I first became interested in it. Though the promotion of physical fitness is universally acknowledged as a positive and worthwhile pursuit, as a means of enhancing our physical and psychological health, concerns have been raised about the potentially problematic nature of #fitspiration content, especially in relation to body image. The question is posed: Is #fitspiration more harmful than helpful?

Read the full blog here.

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