The biggest night in film, the #Oscars, is also one of the biggest nights in fashion. Arguably as many people are interested in what the celebrities are wearing on the #redcarpet as the films that put them there. I was asked by the Spanish magazine @Hola! to describe the personality of three actors, #AngelinaJolie, #CharlizeTheron, #MargotRobbie, from their images.

In my response I explain how an image is simply a snapshot of a moment in time and had the image been taken a moment later, the pose could well have been different. This is particularly salient in the image of Margot Robbie who has her hands by her sides as if she is mid step rather than posing like Angelina Jolie and Charlize Theron. In the next moment, Margot might have flung her arms wide open and this would have been interpreted differently.

My comments are entirely subjective and open to alternative interpretations, and some meaning has been lost in translation. Hola!’s piece is here in Spanish and translated by Google translate into English here. I really like the images by #AstridXVos.

What are your thoughts?