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There is a growing interest in how the interplay between fashion and clothing affects us psychologically, that is in how we think, feel and act. It’s clear that what we wear affects our behaviour and ultimately, the outcomes of our behaviour.

Selected press and media comments, interviews and podcasts on this topic are listed on this page in reverse chronological order. Are you writing a piece for the media? If so, feel free to reach out to discuss your needs and find out how I can help.

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10/06/22 Well+Good, ‘Dopamine Dressing’ Is a New Fashion Concept Your Brain Will Love

08/06/22 Yahoo News, ‘Men are no longer shy about exploring and playing with makeup,’ says expert. Here’s why.

08/06/22 Pop Sugar, How to Dress Respectfully For a Funeral, According to Fashion Psychologists

07/06/22 The Michigan Daily, Fashion forward … or backward?

01/06/22 The Guardian, Breast in show! How nipple pasties went from underwear to outerwear

24/05/22 HuffingtonPost, Dopamine Dressing: How To Make A Happy Wardrobe

19/05/22 British Vogue, Why Are We All Obsessed With Dirty Trainers Again?

17/05/22 Stylist magazine, From Dump Him to Stop Being Desperate: the rise of the clapback T-shirt

14/05/22 The Guardian, ‘Wagatha Christie’: the sensational court battle that became a fashion face-off

05/05/22 Fabulous Magazine, Why is finding a pair of jeans such a nightmare?

01/05/22 Cosmopolitan Germany, Die ravanche des minirocks

20/04/22 PopSci, Why you should dress to impress even if you work from home

05/04/22 The Zoe Report, Signs Your Wardrobe Is Pointing Toward Emotional Distress

03/04/22 Harrods magazine, My virtual world

11/03/22 Stylist, Treat brain: how to train your brain to stop spending

07/03/22 Whowhatwear, The Metaverse Has Arrived—Here’s How It’s Changing the Way We Dress IRL

03/03/22 Daily Express, Inventing Anna real-life: Anna Sorokin hired top stylist for trial to try and ‘sway’ jury

22/02/22 Industry Leaders magazine, “Ugly” Boots Are Your Ticket to New-Age Fashion

08/02/22 The Hustle, Ugly shoes are taking over the world

04/02/22 TRT World, Sneakerology: What do your sneakers say about you?

26/01/22 Metro, Power dressing: The easy psychological trick to feel more confident at work

16/01/21 Stylecaster, For the First Time in My life, I’m in a Monogamous Relationship with a Fashion Brand

11/01/21 Porter Magazine, We Ask Fashion Psychologists What Your Jewelry Says About You

01/12/21 KLEUR & STIJL, Mode is communicatie in KLEUR & STIJL

19/12/21 British Vogue, The Rise Of Nannacore: Insta’s Silver Influencers Are Keeping Things Fresh

17/12/21 Readers Digest, ‘Tis The Season To Embrace Frivolous Festive Fashion

17/12/21 Metro, The psychology behind festive dressing – and why it’s so vital

03/12/21 Daily Mail, Jourdan Dunn exudes glamour in a revealing ensemble as she attends the BoF Voices

03/12/21 The List, Nail Art Trends Everyone Will Be Asking For In 2021

13/11/21 Brinkwire, Over half of modern women believe grey hair is ‘back in style’

08/11/21 ABC Australia, The Psychology of power dressing

05/11/21 Business Council for the Arts Texas, Does what we wear change how we feel? (video recording)

04/11/21 ABC News the Life Matter Show, The Psychology of power dressing (audio recording)

04/11/21 The Mirror UK, Modern women are embracing their grey hair

04/11/21 Lifestyle Asia Hong Kong, Evening gloves are having a fashion moment — as seen on Beyoncé, Billie Eilish, and others

22/10/21 Bizcommunity SouthAfrica, Joyful and inclusive SA-made fashion courtesy of Me & B

7/09/21 The Eyeopener, Through My Eyes: A love letter to the hallway fashion show

24/09/21 Cult MTL, BNPL – Impact on the behavior of customers

20/09/21 Harpers, Why Is Visible Underwear All Over the Red Carpet?

16/09/21 BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour, Dopamine Dressing (audio recording)

08/09/21 Unbiased Label, The Psychology of Fashion podcast (audio recording)

07/09/21 The Telegraph Fashion, The rise of back-to-work fashion anxiety

19/08/21 Refinery29, What Does The Return Of The Unnecessary Belt Say About The State Of The World?

05/08/21 Coveteur, A Summer of Personal Style Rooted in Body Confidence

04/08/21 Align thoughts, In Conversation With Dr Carolyn Mair (video recording)

01/08/21 Why am I like this? A fashion psychology expert on the science behind shopping with our values.

31/07/21 Slow Fashion Movement, IG live (audiorecording).

28/07/21 Vogue Business, On luxury merchandisers’ radar: “Dopamine dressing”

23/07/21 Whowhatwear and Yahoo Lifestyle, A Fashion Psychologist on What Carrie Bradshaw’s New Outfits Are Saying

09/07/21 Mens Health Australia, The Dress Code

08/07/21 Take Off the Sweatpants, Dress for Productivity

05/07/21 Psychwire, Ask Carolyn Mair about the psychology of fashion

02/07/21 Sydney Morning Herald, The post-skinny-jeans guide to buying denim, for every body

01/07/21 BBC Radio Scotland, Mornings with Connie McLaughlin, Adaptive clothing (appox 1:07 mins in)

30/06/21 Refinery29, Why Are We So Obsessed With “Ugly” Shoes? Psychologists Weigh In

21/06/21 Bon Magazine Summer 21 issue, Can what you wear change who you are?

18/06/21 Refinery29, A Year Into The Pandemic, People Are Changing What They Wear. Here’s Why

11/06/21 Evening Standard, Feathers! Sequins! Lamé! Why this year’s fashion feels more joyful than ever

5/06/21 Stitch Up, Goldsmiths University London, Dr Carolyn Mair: the psychology of shopping better

06/05/21 Rick Ungar Show Daily Podcast, How the Pandemic Has Changed the Way We Dress: With Guest Carolyn Mair

04/05/21 NBC News, 8 best comfortable work-from-home pants for men in 2021

04/05/21 IOL Zanzibar, The evolution of digital fashion: You can buy but you can’t wear

03/05/21 The Independent South Africa, The evolution of digital fashion: You can buy but you can’t wear

30/04/21, Post-Pandemic Fashion: Is The Office Dress Code Dead?

26/04/21 Otago Daily Times, Dreamy designs going digital

21/04/21 Mindful, What We Wear is a Reflection of How We Want to be Seen

21/04/21 The Sun, Shops are Tops

20/04/21 Huffpost, Why Wearing Nice Underwear Can Be Good For Your Mental Health

12/04/21 The Psychologist, The failed ambitions of a generation

06/04/21 The Office Group, Comfort is key

04/04/21 UNILAD, Augmented Reality Digital Clothes Are Selling For Thousands Of Pounds

04/04/21 The Observer, Digital fashion: This outfit will set you back £780 … and it’s just an illusion

01/04/21 Woman & Home, Patience

30/03/21 The Sun, WORK IT Office workers to splurge £200 on new wardrobe before heading back into work after lockdown

29/03/21 The Office Group, The future of work: The work wardrobe embraces a flexible future

25/03/21 WWD, Why Are Designers So Drawn to Rave Culture?

24/03/21 ELLE France, Fashon Therapy

19/03/21 The Guardian, Hands off! Why statement gloves are having a fashion moment

12/03/21 Harpers Bazaar, The rise of desk cardigan: the most comforting WFH piece you’ll ever own

11/03/21 Sydney Morning Herald, Can you dress your way to optimism? Yes, and it only takes one garment

11/03/21 The Age, Can you dress your way to optimism? Yes, and it only takes one garment

11/03/21 Fashion Institute of Technology Interview with Dr Roberta Degnore

10/03/21 The Sun, Meghan Markle’s jewellery: Hidden messages behind it including Diana tributes, status symbols …

04/03/21 Harpers Bazaar, Can you train yourself to become more optimistic?

26/02/21 The Sun, EX-FACTOR From Princess Diana to Kim Kardashian – the most iconic celebrity break-up outfits

25/02/21 Vox, To all the clothes I’ve loved before

24/02/21 The Times (Health) Smart masks, double masks or fashion masks — are they better or worse than everyday facemasks?

19/02/21 Mel Magazine, The toe shoe is sprinting back into fashion

15/02/21 Simply Sewing Magazine, Feel Good Makes

08/02/21 Refinery29, Fashion’s Latest Muse? The Fruit & Veg Aisle

08/02/21 WWD, The Growing Allure of Buy Now, Pay Later

07/02/21 Glamour magazine, Why dopamine dressing is the feel-good fashion trend we need in 2021

27/01/21 The Wall Street Journal, Trade Your Sweatshirt for This High-Fashion Trick

04/02/21 H&M.Beyond, Beyond Existing: Fashion, Tech, Body (video)

26/01/21 Refinery29, Women Are Cosplaying Their Favourite Fashion Eras On TikTok & We Love It

24/01/21 Refinery29, From Clueless To Euphoria, Why Are We All So Obsessed With Onscreen Teen Style?

18/01/21 Daily Express UK, Do you need wardrobe therapy?

18/01/21 Refinery29, There’s No Place For Logomania In A Post-Pandemic World – Here’s What’s Next

11/01/21 NBC Universal, Retail Therapy: How to Get the Satisfaction of Shopping Without Spending a Cent

09/01/21 The Telegraph, This one item is the key to adding glamour and cosiness to your winter wardrobe

30/12/20 Whowhatwear & Yahoo Lifetsyle UK, How the pandemic changed the way we see fashion

25/12/20 Refinery29, I can’t resist buying clothes that remind me of my childhood

20/12/20 The Observer, Seasonal makeover: from couch potato to festive diva

18/12/20 TheGuardian, Lockdown comfort-dressing brings velour tracksuits and Uggs back into fashion

10/12/20 Ecotextile News, COVID-19 asks questions of rental fashion

08/12/20 The Atlantic, America’s Most Hated Garment

13/11/2020 Vogue Australia, Pieces of mind

11/11/2020 Quartz, High heels

06/11/20 ELLE UK, The Power Of ‘Nostalgia Dressing’ In Uncertain Times

06/11/20 Shondaland, The Hard Science Behind Wearing Soft Clothes

05/11/20 Vogue Espana, Que la moda nos pille protegidos

04/11/20 Creativity & Capitalism podcast, In conversation with Sophia Mateeva

01/11/20 EVOKE, Dopamine dressing: I tried to dress myself happy, but did it work?

26/10/20 BBC Radio 5 Live

20/10/20 BBC Radio Scotland, Breakfast Show

20/10/20 The Voice of Islam Radio

19/10/20 ATV Today, What’s in your wardrobe?

18/10/20 The Observer, As a lockdown winter looms, the ‘oodie will fleece us all over again

17/10/20 The Telegraph, Alyson Walsh on versatile tweed jackets that will keep you warm and lift your spirits

13/10/20 Harpers, Could social distancing actually be good for humanity?

09/10/20 MSN Lifestyle, Experts reveal an easy way you can instantly lift your mood

08/10/20 HELLO! Experts reveal a good outfit can instantly lift your mood

06/10/20 MSN News, Hairdressers are being inundated with requests for this surprising shade

05/11/2020 Stylist, Can clothes really make you happy?

22/09/20 TRAID, The Psychology of Fashion (available via ISSUU)

20/09/20 The Observer, The rise of fashion rental

17/09/20 WhoWhatWear and How Our Wardrobes Have Changed Forever Due to the Pandemic

01/09/20 Refinery 29, How comfort became the biggest COVID fashion trend: Our year of nap dresses and tie dye.

20/08/19 Irish Examiner, Are we walking away from high heels?

19/08/20 The List, Why high heels are canceled even after the pandemic

17/08/20 The Walrus, Ditch the Sweatpants

12/08/20 Silver Linings, Lockdown meant I could finally grow out my grey

30/07/20 Oprah Magazine, Seeing Tie Dye Everywhere? There’s a Scientific Explanation for That

23/07/20, Mrs. America: Come For The Politics, Stay For The Costumes

21/07/19, House dresses so comfortable they might become your new pyjamas

14/07/20, Politically correct is boring” Is ‘cancelling culture’ killing creative inspiration?

09/07/20 Public Seminar, Psychology and Fashion

09/07/20, How has lockdown shaped the future of workwear?

30/06/20 WWD, How can influencers stay relevant amid global concerns?

26/06/20 El Pais, La nueva normalidad enmascarada

15/06/20, Shoppers are abandoning their online carts more than ever — here’s why

02/06/20 Financial Times, Savile Row tailor looks to lend some swagger to WFH

01/06/20 Elle Canada, Mood Booster Why what you wear matters

14/05/20, Why I Think Nostalgia Is the Future of the Fashion Industry

07/05/20 The Business of Fashion, Op-Ed | In a Crisis, Looking Good Really Can Help Us Feel Good

05/05/20 The Financial Times, No mean feet: socks to lift your spirits

01/05/20 Fashion, Canada, What not to wear!

02/05/20 Dressing up and staying in: Coronavirus’ effect on fashion is more than skin deep

30/04/20 The Kit (Toronto Star), The retail rebound: what fashion brands are doing right now

29/04/20 Toronto Star, Why our urge to shop hasn’t waned

27/04/20, Women are relinquishing beauty and style routines in quarantine, and finding it ‘liberating’

23/04/20 The Kit, Toronto, Canada, Should I feel terrible about wanting to shop right now?

21/04/20 The New York Times, FOMO Is Over. Give In to the Joy of Letting Go.

17/04/20 The Guardian UK, I’m trying to make working from home as fun as I can’: what readers are wearing in lockdown.

17/04/20 The Independent UK, Best statement tops to wear to houseparty drinks at the weekend.

15/04/20 The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, How to dress when working from home, so you’re always Zoom ready.

14/04/20 Business Record USA, NOTEBOOK – One Good Read: What are you wearing to your home office?

14/04/20 Wall Street Journal, Should We Bother Getting Dressed at All?

07/04/20 That’s Not My age, Liberate your partywear.

01/04/20 Sunday Times, Why you should change out of your PJs before heading to your home office.

25/03/20 Evening Standard, London UK, This is why it’s important to get dressed every morning while WFH, according to the experts.

18/03/20 Irish Times, Self-image and beauty notions in age of social media

25/02/20 The Guardian, Pump up the volume: why massive sleeves are this year’s biggest trend

14/02/20 I Have a Theory That There Are Only 2 Major Fashion Tribes in 2020

20/01/20 ABC Australia, Harnessing the power of the clothes you wear

09/10/19 Drapers, Under pressure: how fashion is harming mental health

02/09/19 The Guardian, Frills, feathers and puffed sleeves: why Cinderella’s ‘ugly sisters’ are on trend

23/07/19 BBC Newsbeat, Zara dress: What to do when everyone’s wearing the same as you

14/06/19 The Guardian, Get on board with boat shoes, would-be Tory leaders.

04/06/19 That’s Not My Age Podcast

17/05/19 British Psychological Society, The influence of body image on mental health

11/05/19 Honest Mum, The Psychology of Fashion by Psychologist, Dr Carolyn Mair

01/05/19 Monitor, American Psychological Association, 4 questions for Carolyn Mair

30/04/19 American Psychological Society, Speaking of Psychology: Psychology of Fashion (podcast)

31/03/19 The Guardian, Squaring up: how Insta-fashion is changing the way we shop

12/03/19 London Business School, Fashion and Luxury Retail, Fashion Psychology in Practice: Q&A with Prof Carolyn Mair PhD

4/02/19 Carolyn Owlett interview for TK Maxx, the Psychology of Fashion (podcast)

28/01/19 Undressing Fashion Episode 5: Dr Carolyn Mair – The fashion psychology pioneer (podcast)

25/01/19 The Guardian, Grown-up trousers v fantasy gowns as red carpet showcases change

11/01/19 That’s Not my Age, Clothes that you feel confident in

14/12/18 The Guardian, Glad to be grey: how women changed the debate on hair colour

23/10/18 Interview with Jacynth from The Bias Cut, the Psychology of Fashion (podcast)

01/06/18 British Psychological Society, Fashioning a Distinguished Contribution…

03/02/17 The Guardian, Dopamine dressing – can you dress yourself happy?

10/01/17 Elle Canada, Does shopping truly make you happy?

15/09/16 The Irish Times, Dressing for work: Uniform approach doesn’t suit all

29/09/15 British Vogue, Alexa Chung on Positive Body Image and Diversity, Future of Fashion.

06/05/15 Mindhacks 5 minutes with …

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