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Since the start of the novel coronavirus pandemic, I have been inundated with press requests about how multiple factors of the situation have impacted us psychologically, particularly in relation to how we dress and how we shop. This page is a resource for recent press articles that I have been interviewed for, or which have used my comments from other interviews.

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Over time, I will share my reactions to each article as, in some cases, what is published is not necessarily exactly what I said. This reminds me of the wonderful Daniel Kahneman who advised: “What we see, is not all there is.” On that note, here is a selection of recent press articles. Please share your thoughts.

Thank you!


Carolyn Mair image from Bias Cut

01/09/20 Refinery 29, How comfort became the biggest COVID fashion trend: Our year of nap dresses and tie dye.

20/08/19 Irish Examiner, Are we walking away from high heels?

19/08/20 The List, Why high heels are canceled even after the pandemic

17/08/20 The Walrus, Ditch the Sweatpants

12/08/20 Silver Linings, Lockdown meant I could finally grow out my grey

30/07/20 Oprah Magazine, Seeing Tie Dye Everywhere? There’s a Scientific Explanation for That

23/07/20, Mrs. America: Come For The Politics, Stay For The Costumes

21/07/19, House dresses so comfortable they might become your new pyjamas

14/07/20, Politically correct is boring” Is ‘cancelling culture’ killing creative inspiration?

09/07/20 Public Seminar, Psychology and Fashion

09/07/20, How has lockdown shaped the future of workwear? 

30/06/20 WWD, How can influencers stay relevant amid global concerns?

15/06/20, Shoppers are abandoning their online carts more than ever — here’s why

02/06/20 Financial Times, Savile Row tailor looks to lend some swagger to WFH

01/06/20 Elle Canada, Mood Booster Why what you wear matters

14/05/20, Why I Think Nostalgia Is the Future of the Fashion Industry

07/05/20 The Business of Fashion, Op-Ed | In a Crisis, Looking Good Really Can Help Us Feel Good

05/05/20 The Financial Times, No mean feet: socks to lift your spirits

01/05/20 Fashion, Canada, What not to wear!

02/05/20 Dressing up and staying in: Coronavirus’ effect on fashion is more than skin deep

30/04/20 The Kit (Toronto Star), The retail rebound: what fashion brands are doing right now

29/04/20 Toronto Star, Why our urge to shop hasn’t waned

27/04/20, Women are relinquishing beauty and style routines in quarantine, and finding it ‘liberating’

23/04/20 The Kit, Toronto, Canada, Should I feel terrible about wanting to shop right now?

21/04/20 The New York Times, FOMO Is Over. Give In to the Joy of Letting Go.

17/04/20 The Guardian UK, I’m trying to make working from home as fun as I can’: what readers are wearing in lockdown.

17/04/20 The Independent UK, Best statement tops to wear to Houseparty drinks at the weekend.

15/04/20 The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, How to dress when working from home, so you’re always Zoom ready.

14/04/20 Business Record USA, NOTEBOOK – One Good Read: What are you wearing to your home office?

14/04/20 Wall Street Journal, Should We Bother Getting Dressed at All?

07/04/20 That’s Not My age, Liberate your partywear.

01/04/20 Sunday Times, Why you should change out of your PJs before heading to your home office.

25/03/20 Evening Standard, London UK, This is why it’s important to get dressed every morning while WFH, according to the experts.

18/03/20 Irish Tmes, Self-image and beauty notions in age of social media

25/02/20 The Guardian, Pump up the volume: why massive sleeves are this year’s biggest trend

14/02/20 I Have a Theory That There Are Only 2 Major Fashion Tribes in 2020

20/01/20 ABC Australia, Harnessing the power of the clothes you wear

09/10/19 Drapers, Under pressure: how fashion is harming mental health

02/09/19 The Guardian, Frills, feathers and puffed sleeves: why Cinderella’s ‘ugly sisters’ are on trend

23/07/19 BBC Newsbeat, Zara dress: What to do when everyone’s wearing the same as you

14/06/19 The Guardian, Get on board with boat shoes, would-be Tory leaders.

04/06/19 That’s Not My Age Podacast

01/06/18 British Psychological Society, Fashioning a Distinguished Contribution

17/05/19 British Psychological Society, The influence of body image on mental health

01/05/19 Monitor, American Psychological Association, 4 questions for Carolyn Mair

30/04/19 American Psychological Society, Speaking of Psychology: Psychology of Fashion (podacst)

31/03/19 The Guardian, Squaring up: how Insta-fashion is changing the way we shop

12/03/19 London Business School, Fashion and Luxury Retail, Fashion Psychology in Practice: Q&A with Prof Carolyn Mair PhD

4/02/19 Carolyn Owlett interview for TK Maxx, the Psychology of Fashion (podcast)

28/01/19 Undressing Fashion Episode 5: Dr Carolyn Mair – The fashion psychology pioneer (podcast)

25/01/19 The Guardian, Grown-up trousers v fantasy gowns as red carpet showcases change

11/01/19 That’s Not my Age, Clothes that you feel confident in

14/12/18 The Guardian, Glad to be grey: how women changed the debate on hair colour

23/10/18 Interview with Jacynth from The Bias Cut, the Psychology of Fashion (podcast)

03/02/17 The Guardian, Dopamine dressing – can you dress yourself happy?

15/09/16 The Irish Times, Dressing for work: Uniform approach doesn’t suit all

10/01/17 Elle Canada, Does shopping truly make you happy?

29/09/15 British Vogue, Alexa Chung on Positive Body Image and Diversity, Future of Fashion.

06/05/15 Mindhacks 5 minutes with …

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