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Since the start of the novel coronavirus pandemic, I have been inundated with press requests about how multiple factors of the situation have impacted us psychologically, particularly in relation to how we dress. This page is a resource for recent press articles that I have been interviewed for or which have used my comments from other interviews.

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Over time, I will share my reactions to each article as, in some cases, what is published is not necessarily exactly what I said. This reminds me of the wonderful Daniel Kahnman who advised: “What we see, is not all there is.” On that note, here are a selected few recent press articles…


Carolyn Mair image from Bias Cut

30/06/20 WWD How can influencers stay relevant amid global concerns?

15/06/20, Shoppers are abandoning their online carts more than ever — here’s why

02/06/20 Financial Times, Savile Row tailor looks to lend some swagger to WFH

01/06/20 Elle Canada, Mood Booster Why what you wear matters

14/05/20, Why I Think Nostalgia Is the Future of the Fashion Industry

07/05/20 The Business of Fashion, Op-Ed | In a Crisis, Looking Good Really Can Help Us Feel Good

05/05/20 The Financial Times, No mean feet: socks to lift your spirits

01/05/20 Fashion, Canada, What not to wear!

02/05/20 Dressing up and staying in: Coronavirus’ effect on fashion is more than skin deep

30/04/20 The Kit (Toronto Star), The retail rebound: what fashion brands are doing right now

29/04/20 Toronto Star, Why our urge to shop hasn’t waned

27/04/20, Women are relinquishing beauty and style routines in quarantine, and finding it ‘liberating’

23/04/20 The Kit, Toronto, Canada, Should I feel terrible about wanting to shop right now?

21/04/20 The New York Times, FOMO Is Over. Give In to the Joy of Letting Go.

17/04/20 The Guardian UK, I’m trying to make working from home as fun as I can’: what readers are wearing in lockdown.

17/04/20 The Independent UK, Best statement tops to wear to Houseparty drinks at the weekend.

15/04/20 The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, How to dress when working from home, so you’re always Zoom ready.

14/04/20 Business Record USA, NOTEBOOK – One Good Read: What are you wearing to your home office?

14/04/20 Wall Street Journal, Should We Bother Getting Dressed at All?

07/04/20 That’s Not My age, Liberate your partywear.

01/04/20 Sunday Times, Why you should change out of your PJs before heading to your home office.

25/03/20 Evening Standard, London UK, This is why it’s important to get dressed every morning while WFH, according to the experts.

18/03/20 Irish Tmes, Self-image and beauty notions in age of social media

25/02/20 The Guardian, Pump up the volume: why massive sleeves are this year’s biggest trend

14/02/20 I Have a Theory That There Are Only 2 Major Fashion Tribes in 2020

20/01/20 ABC Australia, Harnessing the power of the clothes you wear

09/10/19 Drapers, Under pressure: how fashion is harming mental health

02/09/19 The Guardian, Frills, feathers and puffed sleeves: why Cinderella’s ‘ugly sisters’ are on trend

23/07/19 BBC Newsbeat, Zara dress: What to do when everyone’s wearing the same as you

14/06/19 The Guardian, Get on board with boat shoes, would-be Tory leaders.

04/06/19 That’s Not My Age Podacast

01/06/18 British Psychological Society, Fashioning a Distinguished Contribution

17/05/19 British Psychological Society, The influence of body image on mental health

01/05/19 Monitor, American Psychological Association, 4 questions for Carolyn Mair

30/04/19 American Psychological Society, Speaking of Psychology: Psychology of Fashion (podacst)

31/03/19 The Guardian, Squaring up: how Insta-fashion is changing the way we shop

12/03/19 London Business School, Fashion and Luxury Retail, Fashion Psychology in Practice: Q&A with Prof Carolyn Mair PhD

4/02/19 Carolyn Owlett interview for TK Maxx, the Psychology of Fashion (podcast)

28/01/19 Undressing Fashion Episode 5: Dr Carolyn Mair – The fashion psychology pioneer (podcast)

25/01/19 The Guardian, Grown-up trousers v fantasy gowns as red carpet showcases change

11/01/19 That’s Not my Age, Clothes that you feel confident in

14/12/18 The Guardian, Glad to be grey: how women changed the debate on hair colour

23/10/18 Interview with Jacynth from The Bias Cut, the Psychology of Fashion (podcast)

03/02/17 The Guardian, Dopamine dressing – can you dress yourself happy?

15/09/16 The Irish Times, Dressing for work: Uniform approach doesn’t suit all

10/01/17 Elle Canada, Does shopping truly make you happy?

29/09/15 British Vogue, Alexa Chung on Positive Body Image and Diversity, Future of Fashion.

06/05/15 Mindhacks 5 minutes with …

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