I was over the moon when I was contacted by Sofia, a journalist working for El Mercurio, Chile’s national newspaper, to discuss the origins and purpose of the Psychology of Fashion. Sofia and I discussed my work and book, The Psychology of Fashion. We discussed my time at London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London, where I created the world’s only Masters degrees that apply Psychology specifically in the context of Fashion, and how I had established the Psychology department there. After that we  discussed my work as a Consultant, and the importance of applying Psychology in the fashion industry. Sofia asked me about the value of being able to understand behaviour across the entire industry, as well as how and why we shop, how we decide what we wear, and how we dispose of our fashion items.

The interview with Sofia Beuchat and images by Francisco Javier Olea was published in El Mercurio on 19th November 2019.  It is in Spanish and available only by subscription, but you can find the article in compressed pdfs below:

El Mercurio page 1_compressed

El Mercurio page 2_compressed

El Mercurio page 3_compressed

Enjoy!…and again, please do let me know your thoughts.

Warm wishes, Carolyn