The #bumbag, aka #fannypack, now aka #beltbag is back on trend, and this time round it’s more than just functional. What we wear conveys a lot about who we are, so what are the #psychological reasons behind this new #fashion trend and why are we loving them this time round?

I was asked to answer these questions by @whowhatwear #NewYork, and there’s no empirical evidence on this to draw on yet, we reflected on the drivers that have influenced past trends. These influences are complex and many. They include the current socioeconomic and political landscape, the zeitgeist. Fashion trends come and go, but discovering why we love some and reject others is a question for psychology. Our fashion choices are influenced by fashion trends, our involvement with fashion and our #personality, experience and expectations.

Read the discussion here “The Fashion Psychology Behind Wearing a Fanny Pack—Yes, Really!”

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Image: Ashya

Journalist: Gina Marinelli