People are fascinated by #psychology, and what makes humans tick. Why do we think and behave the way we do? We’ve all met armchair psychologists claiming to have the answers, and people that ask if psychologists can tell what they’re thinking. The Psychology of #Fashion is part of The Psychology of Everything series of books which debunks the popular myths and pseudo-science surrounding some of life’s biggest questions.

The series explores the hidden psychological factors that drive us, from our subconscious desires and aversions, to our natural social instincts. Absorbing, informative, and always intriguing, each book is written by an expert in the field, examining how research-based knowledge compares with popular wisdom, and showing how psychology can truly enrich our understanding of modern life. Applying a psychological lens to an array of topics and contemporary concerns – from sex, to fashion, to conspiracy theories – The Psychology of Everything will make you look at everything in a new way.

All the titles look so interesting, it’ll be hard to choose which to buy next!

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