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Become a Fashion Psychologist

Are you fascinated by this new area of psychology, interested in changing your career and becoming a Fashion Psychologist, or a brand keen to upskill your staff, is your one-stop training destination. Train with the originator of the Psychology of Fashion, Dr Mair Fashion Psychologist at one-day courses, bespoke training, mentoring and career coaching. Let’s discuss how we can help you.

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Understand your customers and build brand loyalty

Explore the underlying psychological processes driving your customers and discover how to increase brand loyalty using rigorous scientific methods. Whether you need to commission an in-depth investigation, a simple survey, or extract insights from existing data, provides a complete service. Find out more and discuss here.

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Stay ahead of the competition: develop your innovation mindset

How can brands stay ahead in complex, dynamic environments where consumers are increasingly more knowledgeable and more demanding? offers expertise in developing innovative, strategic thinking across your business from multisensory aspects to consumer decision-making. Let us work with you to give your company the cutting edge.


Achieve your dissertation and research goals

Are you a student or researcher investigating human behaviour within the broad context of fashion? Why struggle? One-to-one mentoring sessions, designed specifically for your needs, will help yoM reach your research goals. mentoring is valuable at any stage of research from developing, analysing and presenting a research study, to writing it up and presenting it orally. Find out how to join the mentoring programme.

Career coaching

Get where you want to be in business

Making the right moves to get the job you want is in sight. Career coaching can help whether you are seeking a change within your current organisation, preparing for a promotion or a complete career change. Find out how to stand out from the competition at work, have confidence in your ability to succeed and find a work-life balance with bespoke career coaching. 


Public speaking

Engage, inform and persuade

Professor Carolyn Mair PhD is an accomplished public speaker having given keynote addresses and invited talks for business, industry, academia and the public. She has spoken on matters relating to human behaviour across the fashion industry including self-identity, sustainability, mental health, and consumer engagement. Let’s discuss how I can contribute to your event.

Short courses


LIFELONG LEARNING FOR EVERYONE offers unique short courses and workshops for everyone interested in understanding human behaviour in the context of fashion. We apply psychological theory and concepts to explore the interrelationships between psychology and fashion. We design and deliver a range of short-courses, bespoke training, Masterclasses, seminars and workshops. Get in touch and discover how Dr Mair Fashion Psychologist can give you and your fashion business the cutting edge.

Please note, due to increasing work demands and related travel, is not scheduling any short courses during 2019/20. 

However, Carolyn will be running a Masterclass, Understanding Your Fashion Consumer at Goldsmiths University London on 12th September 2019 and starting a 5-week evening class (6:30-8:30pm ), Making Fashion Work for You, also on 12th September 2019.

For more information and to book, please follow these links:

Masterclass, Understanding Your Fashion Consumer

Making Fashion Work for You 

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Testimonials‘s happy clients include H&M Group, TK Maxx UK, TK_Maxx_IE, IKEA, Hackett, GapUrban OutfittersMatalanP&GUnileverJustSo London, Clique Media Group, as well as several national and international PR companies and Higher Education providers in the UK and overseas.

Carolyn is also frequently featured in the press, TV and radio, and in online media in the UK and internationally. 

Catch Carolyn on BBC Radio 4’s Moral Maze discussing the morality of fashion.

Listen to the American Psychology Association podcast: Speaking of Psychology with Carolyn.

Her interview with Alexa Chung for the Vogue series, The Future of Fashion, has more than 350,000 hits. 


“We worked with Carolyn on a campaign for our clients, a leading fashion brand. Her expertise and professionalism were outstanding. She delivered beyond our expectations to the delight of our clients. It was a pleasure working with Carolyn and we warmly recommend her work to you.”

Steve Smith, Account Director, Just So London

“Dr Carolyn Mair brings psychology to life through her skill of simplifying complex science into everyday language. She is responsible for my confidence to speak and research in this new discipline of applied psychology and I feel very grateful to have studied under her. As an activist and commentator in fashion for 35 years, I can now add academic rigour and scientific thinking to my address. As a result I believe I am a more effective professional.”

Professor Caryn Franklin MBE MSc MBPsS, Franklin on Fashion

“Many psychologists wouldn’t credit fashion as a topic worthy of their comment, but Carolyn has completely flipped that idea on its head and proven otherwise. Thanks to her outlook, knowledge and keen eye, she has become a trusted source for me as a fashion journalist over the years.”

“Carolyn gives a new and inspiring perspective on fashion, with new vocabulary and unique expertise. As a brand specialist and community marketer, she challenges and strengthens my mind about fashion, the current industry setup and human behaviour in general. Carolyn brings an impressive and accessible meaning to behaviour in the fashion industry. She is giving the industry back its genuine personality and individuality at a time it needs it most.”

Janne Baetsen, Mind Fashion

“It was very interesting to interview Carolyn Mair for the Spanish Vanity Fair website, because she has a very deep knowledge about an issue that has not been widely discussed in the fashion industry, and that today seems specially relevant”.

“It was an incredible experience having Carolyn as a teacher during the short course on Psychology in Fashion. She was emphatic, supportive, helpful, positive and passionate about her innovative studies. In addition, she delivered right to the point solutions for our diverse projects, regarding how we can translate the knowledge of human behaviour and the psychological insights within the fashion industry, into creative ideas that can contribute to the betterment of everyone.”

“I love learning more about psychology from the great Carolyn. She is very passionate about the subject and I really loved it. I have been observing and analyzing myself with what she taught us in the course, it’s been really interesting and can’t wait to learn more about psychology of fashion. It would be great to take another course with her in the future.”

It has been an absolute pleasure to join your course and learn about Consumer Psychology in Fashion. I wanted to personally thank you for the course and a great learning experience!”

Rosa, Freelance Occupational Psychologist

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