Fashion consumer psychology: how and why we buy fashion

Fashion consumer psychology: how and why we buy fashion2018-09-17T15:05:19+00:00

Explore the intriguing world of fashion consumer behaviour

Consumer psychology is the scientific study of the influence of thoughts, beliefs, feelings and perceptions on consumer behaviour (selecting, purchasing, using and disposing of products, services, ideas or experiences) to satisfy needs and desires, at individual, group, organisation or community level. Fashion consumer behaviour is particularly interesting as what we wear is an outward representation of our self-expression.

In this one-day course we examine the psychological processes and challenges underpinning fashion consumption in the 21st century and discuss how the application of tools and psychological insights can address these. 

Who is this course for?

This course will be of interest to anyone interested in the psychological processes involved in fashion consumer behaviour and no previous knowledge of psychology is required. Places will be limited so please book early. 

Join me on 3rd November in central London (venue to be confirmed) to explore the intriguing world of fashion consumer psychology. Concessionary fees are available for full-time students, unwaged, retired and people in receipt of jobseekers allowance or income support.

Please note, the organiser reserves the right to reschedule if fewer than 4 delegates register.

Recommended reading: The Psychology of Fashion (Chapter 5, Fashion Consumption).

Indicative content…

Understanding how and why we buy fashion

Learn how and why fashion consumers are motivated to buy

Consuming fashion in the 21st century

Examine the challenges facing fashion retailers and how these can be overcome

Segmenting and targeting fashion consumers

Using tools to deliver the right products to right customers at the right time

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