Are you interested in understanding more about #humanbehaviour in the context of fashion? Are you intrigued by our fascination with fashion and clothing and how we use what we wear to express who we are? Have you considered how we make sense of the world and how our perceptions shape our behaviour? In order to understand human behaviour in any context, we need to turn to #psychology. To understand psychology in the context of #fashion, we need to turn to #psychologyforfashion.


In this one-day course, Introduction to Psychology for Fashion, we investigate the reciprocal relationship between psychology and fashion. We discuss how sensation and perception are shaped by many individual differences, the influence of fashion on our sense of self and identity, and learn how to make fashion work for us.


This course will be of interest to anyone excited by fashion and fascinated by understanding what makes us tick. No previous knowledge of fashion or psychology is required. 


The course takes place 10am – 4:30pm Saturday 15th September 2018. Places are limited so please book early. 


Lift, Islington, London N1 9PW 

How do I book?

Via Eventbrite here. Concessionary fees are available for full-time students, retired, and people in receipt of job seekers’ allowance or income support. Please get in touch if you have any questions.