What is the future of sustainable fashion? @BBCRadio4

What is the future of sustainable fashion? @BBCRadio4

The Future of #Fashion

In the UK, 18-35 year olds are becoming more vociferous in demanding more sustainable fashion, but how can we put sustainable fashion consumption on every fashion lover’s agenda?

Listen again to the Future of Fashion podcast part of the Costing the Earth series, from BBC Radio4, with @LucySiegle and guests @WRAP_UK, @RichardBlackb18 and me, @Carolyn_UK.

British journalist, writer on environmental issues and reporter on The One Show, @LucySiegle, describes the first #GreenCarpet Fashion Awards which took place at La Scala, Milan, last September and asks the guests if this is “the sign of a new era starting from the top?”. The guests also comment on the new developments from fashion retail, ‘change disruptors’ and how new findings from psychology can help us enjoy fashion more sustainably.

Listen to the podcast here.

Presenter: Lucy Siegle
Producer: Anne-Marie Bullock.

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